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Algunas noticias de actualidad en el sector.


Collected Third Millennia Piffle 


Stories written between 2012 and last Thursday for miscellaneous competitions. The PDF version is availble for direct download at the bottom of this page. 


¡A collection of short stories from the post Costa del Trolls period. Mainly competition entries but also some newer and longer works being aired here for the first time. The book is available in digital format from Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords, with it costing the princely sum of nothing on the last two and the minimum on Amazon. The idea is to drum interest and send bits and bobs to publishers. With this in mind and given the free pricing policy, if you do enjoy any of its fare to please leave a rating or review on whichever site you obtained it from to help those poor directors and producers in Hollywood decide which one to choose first to make into a movie.





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